Author: Jason Abdelhadi

Jason Abdelhadi is an information management professional who has had experience doing IM work for both the federal government and in charitable organizations. He has worked on a variety of IM initiatives including enterprise information architecture, GCDOCS and EDRMS implementations, IRBV identification as well as user experience design and testing. Jason has a multifaceted educational background that speaks to interests in information technology, library and information science and the humanities.

Managing Electronic Records Conference (MER) 2016

Last week I spent a very fun and engaging  time at the Managing Electronic Records (MER) Conference. The MER conference is held annually in downtown Chicago and brings together the different kinds of information management lifecycle experts from the legal, Records and Information Management (RIM), and IT fields to discuss the latest approaches in electronic information management.

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OSFAS – Ottawa Society for the Arts and Sciences

Part of the joy of information management is delving into a vast panoply of subjects and activities; information architects tend to develop a taste for variety – even outside of work. This is why I am involved in the Ottawa Society for the Arts and Sciences (OSFAS) – an organization dedicated to promoting broadly intellectual pursuits in the NCR, primarily through lectures and accompanying social events. They are hosting some fascinating, free events this Spring sure to get you thinking about some of the most interesting and hot topic intellectual issues of the day.

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GCDOCS Architecture – All for One and One For All!

Change management best practice teaches us that lack of awareness is the primary source of resistance to organizational change. It seems like architects working on EDRMS or GCDOCS have to face this problem redoubled: first, they have to make their stakeholders aware of what they are attempting to design. But at a more fundamental level, they also need to confront the fact that information management itself is very often unaware of the scope of what it is asking of the organization. And it’s a big ask.

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6 Reasons Why Your PAA is not an Information Architecture

As tempting as it may be to use your unadorned PAA as a GCDOCS folder structure, be wary; what looks like an ideal shortcut, in most cases it turns out to be a “false friend” that may result in mismanaged IRBVs and severe end-user dissatisfaction. Here are 6 reasons why the PAA alone is not sufficient for your EDRMS/GCDOCS implementation.

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“Ghosting” and Other Techniques to Get Buy-In for Your Mandatory GCDOCS Metadata

We often tout the benefits of a metadata-driven EDRMS implementation for findability, and too often neglect the other advantage it can offer: consistency. Even just a handful of relevant tags applied uniformly across an enterprise system can make a massive impact in the quality of digital information and records management within an organization.

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