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Priority Agenda Items for Senior Leadership Committees

Through working within the public sector transformation over the past four years, I have witnessed the state of perpetual transition playing out across government departments and agencies with startling consistency. It’s no surprise that within the current climate, staff is struggling with the concept of a clear vision of the future.  When everything is in transition, and there appears to be no end in sight – this is a very common challenge.  read more

The Manager Dilemma: How do I lead others when I don’t even agree with the change myself?

Change management is fast becoming a competency required by managers given the amount of organizational change underway in the workplace.  In response, managers attend change management training that will transform them into effective advocates for change.  In theory, that sounds great.  In practice, I haven’t seen it work.  The problem lies in the assumption that managers fundamentally believe in the change or corporate direction.  What if they don’t?

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How to be a Boss without being Bossy – Part 1

We are all leaders in one respect or another.  In business, we lead firms, divisions, and projects.  In our professional growth and personal branding, we speak at conferences, write white papers and post blogs.  In our personal lives, we are moms and dads, we serve on boards, and we lead community groups.

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