Information Usability Poster – ARMA Canada 2013

This is my poster presentation from the ARMA Canada Conference in Saskatoon. It outlines the major shift in emphasis required in order to provide information to users in a way that meets their usability expectations based on an “internet-like” filtering and browsing experience offered by so many commercial websites. The emphasis must shift, as we so often say, from “filing information to using information”. This experience is made possible by way of faceted classification, which in turn requires a well thought out and logical information architecture to provide its metadata. At the bottom is the “Core Information Architecture Model”, which outlines the key metadata requirements for any object within an information system.

Download the poster here: ARMA Canada Poster – Information Usability

Jason Abdelhadi is an information management professional who has had experience doing IM work for both the federal government and in charitable organizations. He has worked on a variety of IM initiatives including enterprise information architecture, GCDOCS and EDRMS implementations, IRBV identification as well as user experience design and testing. Jason has a multifaceted educational background that speaks to interests in information technology, library and information science and the humanities.


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